Hi, I'm Brian Reavis. I design and develop
awesome things for COLOURlovers. I love mountains.

A 65mb javascript interpreter written in javascript - I hate being a curmudgeon, but… forreals? https://t.co/bZsau9s0

The intertubes will need some serious draino after I make my next SVN commit.

Someone at @Google should use their 20% time to hack Google Maps for Skyrim.

When I can’t SSH into my server or get VGA out, I’d love a command like “ifconfig | speak” that’d spit morse code to the system speaker.

RT @quotsy: “Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.” - Michael Caine

Massive sugar crashes are the key to giant sleep habit adjustments.

It’s a huge bummer that @Google Code Search is shutting down in January… it’s so useful for finding undocumented SDK features.

WishSimple, an easy way to create and share wish lists. http://t.co/JuoofN3W - Rad job, @shaunchapman!

If I were to be baptized, I’d want it done in a lake at 12am by men dressed in suits to make it more strange-looking than it already does.

Undoubtedly the best music video ever: http://t.co/HWSfw1gH

Last night I got a Thomas the Tank Engine sticker & got to listen to Bruno Mars’ Twilight track in the ER. No big deal. http://t.co/03QM8JYV

It’s Puppytime! Pretty much the best app ever - http://t.co/N55hwGZc http://t.co/xWfE51Si

RT @bubs: Holy crapballs, dealing with @globalsign Code Signing certificates has to be one the most painful things. Poor @brianreavis.

Sometime I’m going to roll up to some travel destination in a… an oil tanker or freighter: http://t.co/ICKtMZT4

RT @kenkeiter: Note to #occupyportland protesters: about half of you don’t have filter canisters in your gas masks.. It’ll make it worse :/

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